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Conserve means to preserve or conserve the word is derived from the Greek word is Vbart the conditions under which the product can be maintained for long periods.
This method, in 1790 the French government was at war with other European countries by a Frenchman named Nicolas Appert (Prt Nicholas) was invented.

One of the most important methods of food preparation or processing, they are heated. The heat not only improve the quality of food (Eating Quality) food, but slow down or stop the chemical action, and the bacterial enzyme, increases the ability to maintain them. In the case of fish and other marine products as well, heating them to improve the quality of the food and then stop the biological and chemical activities are underway. Thermal process in the soft tissues of fish, changing the nature of proteins, low humidity and many other changes and improves the shelf life of the party. Order of the canned fish is also a product that can be prepared for long term preservation and maintenance also ensure that the product is safe and usable



According to fishery products as a healthy food and complete the one hand and causing less damage and the other factor is the prevention of diseases over the past decade has grown substantially. Most people are aware of the properties and values ​​of fish food, but eating the right way or the other are less familiar with the culture of fish consumption. So the effort to develop and promote a culture of consumption so that consumers can fish with the correct information and knowledge to provide meat and fish, it is considered one of the important measures. Food security and population health depends on proper and correct use is the consumers of fish. Fishing site with the goal of community groups that are more familiar with the culture of food fish Knddr, special studies to learn more about your lips with the correct use of fisheries and aquaculture practices and knowledge of cook and provide maintenance.

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