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Conserve means to preserve or conserve the word is derived from the Greek word is Vbart the conditions under which the product can be maintained for long periods.
This method, in 1790 the French government was at war with other European countries by a Frenchman named Nicolas Appert (Prt Nicholas) was invented.

One of the most important methods of food preparation or processing, they are heated. The heat not only improve the quality of food (Eating Quality) food, but slow down or stop the chemical action, and the bacterial enzyme, increases the ability to maintain them. In the case of fish and other marine products as well, heating them to improve the quality of the food and then stop the biological and chemical activities are underway. Thermal process in the soft tissues of fish, changing the nature of proteins, low humidity and many other changes and improves the shelf life of the party. Order of the canned fish is also a product that can be prepared for long term preservation and maintenance also ensure that the product is safe and usable



According to fishery products as a healthy food and complete the one hand and causing less damage and the other factor is the prevention of diseases over the past decade has grown substantially. Most people are aware of the properties and values ​​of fish food, but eating the right way or the other are less familiar with the culture of fish consumption. So the effort to develop and promote a culture of consumption so that consumers can fish with the correct information and knowledge to provide meat and fish, it is considered one of the important measures. Food security and population health depends on proper and correct use is the consumers of fish. Fishing site with the goal of community groups that are more familiar with the culture of food fish Knddr, special studies to learn more about your lips with the correct use of fisheries and aquaculture practices and knowledge of cook and provide maintenance.

Reading about the fish

Reading about the fish

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Fishing History:
Like hunting, fishing is one of the jobs, the old man.

Fish cages are

Long-line fishing method is
A clause which is very high, with many square brackets, which usually hangs in the water column are usually for a fish, oily fish and tuna Blvfyn Northern Europe and America are used. Tours for different periods up to several hours in the sea floor is flat for Blvfyn in surface waters.

How to identify fish species?
The following species are identified.
- The whole fish
- Color
- Number, position and shape of fish
- Presence or absence of fat and its composition
- Profile and the rest

What are the most oily fish?
Bakvr, Roma, marine fish, speckled Atlantic, Atlantic salmon and speckled horse head

What are the white fish?
European hack, soft fish, baleen Jal Syahmhmtryn What types of seafood?
Marine molluscs and crustaceans with soft body that normally are attached to a hard protective shell. Crustaceans such as shrimp and crabs are coated with lacquer to be flexible. Other species such as shellfish, mollusks belong to the family.

What is the size of fish for consumption?
Depends on the species of fish, for example, hacking is typically between 20 to 27 cm in the market place so that the fishing is different. More than 11 cm long sardines should be allowed to be sold.

Oily fish is what makes the distinction?
Gvshtshan color because at first glance,
Is it true that age is higher than fish oil?

How to tell if the fish fresh?
The analysis of the senses to see, smell, and our knowledge, changes color and appearance and smell like fish after fish.

I can smell fish?
The smell is slightly different in different species, but should always give the smell of fresh seaweed. The fish is rotten to the strong odor.

Fresh fish should be marketed?
Fresh fish should be completely covered with ice and sell it off campus and non-contaminated surface water from melting ice to be kept clean easily be separated from it. Division or a piece of fish should be kept in containers that are not moisture-proof material by direct contact with ice to prevent it.

What are the general characteristics of fresh fish?
Clean, shiny and soft and moist skin and no color is unusual.

Six fresh-water fish, how is it identified?
Fresh fish should have bright red gills, remove, clean and no smell of flowers is that fish gills are dark red or brown color is matte edges to be stuck with the smell of fresh flowers are not.

Fresh fish should have eyes what form?
The eyes should be bright, clean, wet, leading the pupil to be Mhrb.
While most eyes are sunken, and the issue of older fish with white eyes and smell the flowers renders excruciating their shows.

What is the appearance of fresh meat, fish?
Fish should be tough and resilient and hard to be attached to the blade. When the finger pressure on it we did it and the blood is bright red, and among its backbone.

What should be the customer?
Required information for each consumer is as follows: RSI number or authorization:
Name: S. or breeding area:
Scientific name:
Or how we will:
Production Method:

What is the purpose of frozen fish?
After several months in order to use products and maintaining fish and properties of the melt, it will freeze.

It should be kept at temperatures below 18 degrees Celsius.

What is the freezing time?

Freezing process, learn what is beneficial for the fish?
Due to the long-term storage of marine products, this is the best guarantee for consumers.

Why fish is packed in the most preferred?

How long to retain their flavor-packed fish does the fish can be refrigerated for several months, said.

Consumption because fish are easier to pack?
Because it is already clean and ready to cook (and sometimes the blade is medium)

When a customer buys a fish packing according to what is required?
If a fish to be purchased in bulk, you buy frozen fish that is not completely avoided. In other cases, the packaging should be intact, no corrosion and ice, the fish must always maintain its natural color.

For better food supply (frozen) What should we do?

If the products are packed to get home too late to be what?
The use of insulated bags for keeping a constant temperature of the package is highly recommended.

The difference between canned, smoked salt is?
A process of three things: keeping properties of fish.

What is the salt?
Wash the fish with salt and water solution Shanl be mentioned that such procedures are performed in order to preserve the properties of fish.

Smoked fish is how the process?
This method of salt fish and smoked fish, wood-free coated gum can be done. Combined with the salty taste of smoke, odor and color changes of fish and dried fish is also alters the texture.

Why fish is dry?

Are several ways to cook fish?
Baked, barbecue, with sauce, Fried or by MICROWAVE OVENS.

What kind of fish is more suitable for pot roast?
Larger fish are more appropriate for this work.

What kind of fish is more suitable for cooking in the MICROWAVE OVENS? Fish meat with a texture more compact in size medium or large.

Steamed fish, what is the benefit?

It is easy to digest fish?
Fish is food that is easily digested because its meat is rich in protein and fats, minerals, vitamins and enzymes that digest food easier, and has very few calories. And all of ease in the human body is the metabolic process.

What are the nutrients in fish?
Fish contains plenty of vitamins A, D and E are also rich sources of vitamin D is considered. Of potassium and sodium, it is also significant.

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